Patches definition history V1.2.x
Patch Version 1.2.41 : Fix sh404SEF patch and add Simply Links, Scribe, WysiwygPro3
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Bundled with Jms Multisites Patch definition 1.2.41

  • Modify the SH404SEF patch to be complient with version 2.0.
    Some patches where moved into other files after they have refactor their code to use MVC.
  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Multisites patches for Mighty,
    - Disqus Comment System for Joomla!,
    - Scribe,
    - SEF Title Prefix and Suffix,
    - some sh404SEF plugins,
    - Simply Links,
    - WysiwygPro3
Patch Version 1.2.40 : Add NinjaContent, redEvent, redForm extension definition
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JMS multisites patches definition

  • Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :
    - Ninja Content,
    - Simple Caddy,
    - Sourcerer,
    - redEVENT,
    - redFORM,
    - Multisites Search plugins (Multisites Content + Multisites Categories + Multisites Sections);
  • Add sharing definition for:
    - Simple Caddy,
    - redEVENT,
    - redFORM.
Patch Version 1.2.39 : Fix patch for Community Builder 1.2.3 and add new extension definitions
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Bundled with JMS Multisites Patch definition version 1.2.39

Add/modify patches

  • Fix the patch for Community Builder 1.2.3 that moved some code into another source.
    If you try install the previous patch on CB 1.2.3, this result by the uninstall of all the patches.
    So it is required to use the JMS Multisites patch definition 1.2.39 or higher with CB 1.2.3.
  • Fix the patch for the Sermon Speaker 3.4.1.
    In fact with version 3.4.1, the patch is no more required. Now they save the configuration into the DB.
  • Add patch for CssJsCompress.

Add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :

  • CssJsCompress,
  • Annonces,
  • Djf Acl,
  • EstateAgent,
  • jSecure Authentication,
  • MooFAQ
  • QuickContent,
  • PU Arcade,
  • AjaxChat,
  • Add also some plugin for JomSocial 1.8.3

Add sharing definition for:

Following sharing are considered as "candidate for sharing". They need more feedback and validation from the customer who request them.
  • Annonces,
  • JVideo,
  • PU Arcade,
  • AjaxChat
  • JEvent with default excluded.
Mise à jour le Jeudi, 15 Juillet 2010 10:12
Patch Version 1.2.38: Add definition of Akeeba Backup, synk, JoomLoc
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This Jms multisites patch definition adds someJoomla 1.6.0 beta 3 compatibility.

It also add JMS Tools (install) definitions for :

  • Joomla Flash Uploader,
  • synk,
  • Akeeba Backup,
  • Blue Flame Forms For Joomla,
  • Extended Menu,
  • JB FAQ, JB Slideshow,
  • JEV Location,
  • Spec Images,
  • JVideo!,
  • JoomLoc
    Incompatibility with RocketThemes RokDownloadBundle version 1.0.1
    The new RokDownload component is packaged into a RokDownloadBundle that install the RokDownload component as a core joomla component.
    JMS Multisites does not provide interface to install "core component" that normally are the one present when installing the joomla cms.
and add the sharing definition for:
  • JoomLoc
Patch Version 1.2.37 : Fix a bug introduced in patch 1.2.36
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This Jms Multisites patch definition 1.2.37 fix a bug introduced in a patch modified in 1.2.36 when replacing an existing patch by a new one.

When the patch is not correctly installed, it may happen that the access to the standard Joomla "manage template" is corrupted.

The new fix recover the last backup file and reapply the patch correctly on it.

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