How to configure Plesk to create an alias on the master website

Some customers use Plesk for the administration of their domains.

Most Plesk users know how to create a domain but not necessary how to provide a specific folder for this domain.
In general the users create a domain that has its own folder.

When working on Unix platform, Joomla Multi Sites Version 1.1.x or higher offers you the possibility to deploy a website in a different directory than the master but only if the Symbolic Links is supported by your hosting provider and if you have the permission to create such links between the directories.
In this case, you can specify the directory that is created by Plesk from within Jommla Multi Sites.

If you want to use the same directory as the master website (as we recommend), the procedure below is provided by one of our customers.
We are providing it to help Plesk users in the configuration of their system.
We cannot guarantee the accuracy.

In summary:

  • Login into Plesk
  • Click on Domain
  • Click on the Master domain on which you want to add alias
  • Click on "domain alias" 
  • Add the different slave sites as an alias domain of your master.
    As the slave sites are defined as an alias (synomym) of the master website, they automatically also use the same path of the master websites. This means that they share the same files and folder of the Joomla Installation.

 Login into plesk

 Login into Plesk

Click on the domain

 Select Domain management

Click on the "master-domaincom" to enter in the DNS definition of this domain

 Enter in the master domain definition

Click on Add Domain Alias to declare the slave sites as a synonym (alias) of the master website

 Add plesk domain alias

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 November 2008 10:47