Article Sharing version 1.0.7: Use the template "com_content" for the rendering
Vendredi, 26 Juin 2009 10:58
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In previous verson, the display of the shared articles was sometime difficult when the themes (template) have redefined the rendering of the standard articles.

When a template redefine the rendering of a component, it redevelop the extension view.
In the case of the standard joomla, most of the themes have redevelop the "com_content" rendering.

With previous version of the article sharing, the expected rendering was "com_multisitescontent".
When this themes "com_multisitescontent" was not present and a "com_content" was present in the template, that means that the rendering was different.
To solve such kind of problem, in the "articles sharing for JMS" version 1.0.7, now the extension try to see if there is a redefinition of "com_multisitescontent" and if it is not present retry with "com_content".
This allow now using the same rendering than the one implemented for the standard joomla article and avoid the implementation in the template of a specific "com_multisitescontent".